My First, And Not My Last, Oktoberfest

I arrived at the opening day of the festival.

We were camping just outside of the centre, word of warning - bring blankets, was so cold I had to get a little closer to my friends than I cared to.

We were early so we managed to pick out a good spot for the parade that opens the festival, it was a real spectacle seeing all the different horses and wagons, each for a different beer tent.

We had a reservation, thankfully, and made it into the Hippodrom tent for dinner two days in a row. It was fantastic inside, the food was delicious, the beer flowed easily and the atmosphere was like nothing else.

If I were to give advice on anything it would be to book into a tent in advance, you’ll never make it in for dinner otherwise.

It was that night though that made the trip, we toured the tents and ended up inside the Hofbrauhaus Tent. Amongst the Lederhosen-ed locals, the singing and swishing and smacking of beer mugs I knew I’d be back. I’d recommend everyone make to Munich for the festival at least once.



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