Sleeping Verboten

Many Germans travel to Oktoberfest from outside of Munich. Since the beer at the fest is expensive, it's common to start drinking on the train en route to the Fest.

My buddies from south of Munich met me at the Hofbräu Tent. It was evident that they were already feeling goof. After a few "Mass" of Beer, dancing, and singing, one buddy started to feel the effects.

Needing a little break, he put his head down on the table - no easy feat when dozens of people are crowded around and dancing on the benches!

Within seconds, a team of security showed up and attempted to haul him away. We prevented his departure by promising that we would keep him awake. My buddy, Hans, rallied, but it wasn't long before he withered. Lying his head down on one arm, he started to drift off.

Security responded again. As they approached, we hollered at Hans to wake up or be hauled off. Unable to lift his head off the table, he managed to thrust out his right arm, head still on the table, and lift his index finger in the air. His index finger kept perfect time to the music.

Unfortunately for Hans, the security team was unimpressed. With a guard on each arm, Hans was artfully extracted from our table and unceremoniously dumped outside the tent. With Hans deposited outside the tent and uncertain how we would find him again, we of course wished Hans well and partied on without him!

Scott Stephens

Ironwood, MI

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