English Bookstores in Munich

How to find an English bookstore? Easy!

When you're staying here for a longer period of time, and are not proficient in German, you probably start craving for books after a while. English books that is! English bookstore in Munich

Even though there are hundreds of bookshops in Munich, I'm aware of only a few English bookstores. (If you happen to know another one, please contact me and I will publish it.)

Off course, you can always buy your English hardcovers or paperbacks via Amazon.de. Nowadays they offer most of the English bestsellers to their customers within Germany.

This might not be an option for you when living in a hotel or with friends. Or you just want to browse several novels, before deciding which one to buy.


English bookstore in Munich For the current publications, try the book chain Hugendubel. They have dedicated one of their Munich bookstores, although quite a small one, to English language volumes.

At the Salvatorplatz subsidiary, you can find most of the English bestsellers starting from audio books, biographes, business, children's books, fiction, travel, history, to dictionaires.

Update 2012: The Hugendubel at Salvatorplatz has been closed! You can still visit the big branches on Karlsplatz and Marienplatz, both of them offer a rather small collection of English-language books.

The Munich Readery

English bookstore in Munich In case you're on the lookout for older or less mainstream reading material, there is a great bookshop dedicated to used and antiquarian English books.

The Munich Readery located in Augustenstraße 104 is a roomy shop with comfortable seats. You can stay as long as you want to browse the books you find interesting, without being bothered. Or you can ask for quick and competent help any time. An Indian friend of mine spends entire Saturday afternoons in the Munich Readery, browsing books, chatting with the owner, sitting and relaxing. This definitely is a friendly place to be.

Even though all the titles are indeed secondhand, many are in mint or near-mint condition.

As the owner is also an avid seller on Amazon.de, you have a great chance to get any book, even if it isn't exhibited on the shelves.

Furthermore the Munich Readery has a Trade-Back Program where you can bring in your read books and get a discount on your next purchase :-)

Words Worth

Words Worth is located in Schellingstrase 3, near the University. It has been established in 1985 and prouds itself to stock more than 10.000 books in English, both fiction and non-fiction.

As it's basically inside the University, they also stock lots of books for students. And if you get homesick (to UK, that is), you can get teas, mugs and gifts directly from Britain. Come here during Christmas season for authentic British Christmas pudding and other goodies.

Have fun reading!

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