All Beer Tents at the Oktoberfest Munich

The Munich Oktoberfest undoubtedly is the mother of all beer festivals. You can choose from 14 big beer tents with six different beer brands from Munich's breweries. We've been to all of them, some we like more, and others less.

Come with me onto a virtual tour around the Octoberfest Munich, to choose, which of the fourteen big beer tents to go. I'm sure you'll find your own favorite beer tent!

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1. Marstall Tent

Marstall Beer Tent The first beer tent at the entrance to Theresienwiese. It has replaced the Hippodrom in 2014. It is one of the smaller tents, about half the size of the big ones. Music is great and I really like the decorations. The owner has a slightly different approach, trying to sell more food than beer. That means you have to book a three-course menu when making reservations.

Beer served: Spaten-Franziskaner.

2. Armbrustschützenzelt

Armbrustschützenzelt with Paulaner Beer One of the bigger tents, with around 7500 seats! By the name (Armbrust = crossbow) you can already imagine that in the audience are many members of shooting clubs. Music is popular.
It's one of the favorite beer tents of some of my girl friends, because of the cute archers you can meet there :-)

Beer served: Paulaner.

3. Hofbräuzelt

Hofbraeu Beer Tent You probably have heard about the famous Hofbräuhaus, this is the corresponding beer tent at the Octoberfest. Audience is very international; you see a lot of Americans and Australians. Music is geared towards the international audience, which means; once in a while you'll here an English song.

Beer served: Hofbräu

4. Hackerzelt

Hacker Pschorr Beer Tent One of the biggest beer tents with almost 10.000 seats. Main audience is people from the countryside around Munich. If you want to see authentic traditional clothing, your best chances are here. Music is more traditional.
Because of its decoration, blue sky with white clouds in the Bavarian national colors, this beer tent is also called Himmel der Bayern (engl.: Heaven for Bavarians).

Beer served: Hacker-Pschorr

5. Schottenhamel

Schottenhamel Beer Tent The oldest beer tent has been at the Oktoberfest since 1867. Here the traditional Anstich (ceremonial opening of the first beer barrel of the festival) is performed by Munich's mayor. You can spot many politicians (upstairs on the balcony) and young people. This is THE tent to go among teenagers and twens.
Waitresses wear an old fashioned servant outfit with white aprons and bow in the hair.

Beer served: Spaten-Franziskaner

6. Winzerer Fähndl

Winzerer Faehndl Beer Tent For me the second best tent! And one I will always keep in my heart, because Tobi and I met here some years ago (but that's another story).
Music and vibes are great. TV Munich coverage of the Oktoberfest is done in this beer tent and with some luck, you'll appear on television!

Beer served: Paulaner

7. Schützenfesthalle

Schuetzenfestzelt A bit hidden behind the Winzerer Fähndl half way to the Bavaria. The space for seating is only half of the other big beer tents, because it also contains the hall where shooting clubs host their championships (Schütze = shooter).
This tent is my personal favorite. The atmosphere is always great and enthusiastic; the audience is young, but not as young as in Schottenhamel. Many members of nobility celebrate here and several charity events take place (then virtually the complete tent is reserved for invited guests only).

Beer served: Löwenbräu

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