Munich Christmas Markets

We Germans love our Weihnachtsmarkt to meet friends and do Christmas shopping Munich Christmas markets are on of our favorite German Christmas traditions.

Every German village has its own "Weihnachtsmarkt" or "Christkindlesmarkt" and Munich has several of them. Scroll down for a map of the biggest Munich Christmas markets.

The most famous one is unarguably at Marienplatz and if you visit our city during December, you definitely have to go there.

Our main reasons to go to the Christmas marts is to meet friends and enjoy the festive mood. We usually meet and just stand around chatting and having a good time.

This might seem rather strange to you, because the weather during December can be very cold in Germany. So why on earth would we like to stand around outside freezing like crazy?

Drink hot wine (Gluehwein) to stay warm Well, this question cannot be answered easily, but there are several strategies to avoid too much freezing. Apart from wearing warm clothes, off course :-)

One of them is to drink Glühwein (hot wine). This is a German Christmas tradition and only available in winter: sweet red or white wine, that has been sweetened even more with sugar, cloves and cinnamon.

Famous German Lebkuchen (gingerbread) You can drink it "with Schuss" or "without Schuss", which means with a shot of schnapps or without. For beginners I strongly recommend the version without hard liqueur!

Usually, you don't stop with only one, so it's a good idea, to eat some food before indulging into too much of our delicious Glühwein.

Off course, you can also drink the kid-friendly version without alcohol called Kinderpunsch.

Munichs's biggest Christmas market at Marienplatz Once you are on the Christmas market and have walked around to see all the stands, you surely will get hungry very soon and therefore half of the booths, sell food (or drinks).

The typical offers are traditional things like bratwurst (sausage), but also German Christmas food like the famous Lebkuchen (gingerbread), fruit cake, stollen, pancakes with chocolate, chocolate-dipped fruits, sugarroasted almonds, sweet chestnuts, and many more goodies.

Once we are done with eating, drinking and talking, some of us even do our Christmas shopping here. See my Top 5 Christmas market buys.

christmas mart in Munich

In Germany we like to decorate the Christmas tree with globes in all colors and materials or stars made of straw (like in the picture). The Christmas markets are the best place to buy everything you'd ever imagine to decorate your house in a festive way.

Enjoy your visit to one or several of our great Christmas marts!

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More Munich Christmas Markets Visit Germany Insider Facts to find Christmas markets in other German cities.

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Are you hungry yet? My hubby is an avid lover of Lebkuchen and in the last years, he has perfected his baking skills.

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Buy one for yourself, and another one as the perfect Holiday gift. They come in decorative tin chests, filled with delicious ginger bread, and you'll have a lasting memory, long after you've devoured all of the delicacies inside.

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