Lions in Munich!

Recently, we've heard many stories about people seeing lions in Munich. Apparently hundreds of lions have chosen Munich as their favorite holiday destination and they can be seen all over Munich, not only in the zoo "Tierpark Hellabrunn".

Naturally we wanted to know the truth about the lion rumors and started an expedition to Munich center on the lookout for lions in our city.

At first we were shocked, but soon realized, that the lions might be fierce looking, but are really tame. Yellow and Black Lion in Munich Masked Lion in Munich

In the course of our expedition we found out, that a great part of the lion population of the world has found its way to Munich. In total there are over 250 lions in Munich.

Even VIP lions visit Munich: one couple dressed in pure silver, the next one with pure gold. Golden Lion in Munich Silver Lions in Munich

Lion in Munich decorated with emeralds These celebrity lions were only topped by the visit of the royal lioness decorated with emeralds and other jewels

Lion in Munich dressed as waiter Some of the lions even come here to work. Catering for all the lion visitors probably needs a lion waiter.

These two lions are very inventive: they offer themselves for tired tourists to sit down and have a rest (for free). Rare Lion in Munich in form of a bench Lion in Munich inviting tourists to take a rest

We also spotted famous athletes. Members of the German national skiing and soccer teams have come to visit Munich and enjoy a great time here. (Even though I personally think it's a bit hot in July for the skiing dress.) Lion from the German National skiing team in Munich Lion from the national soccer team in Munich

Not all lions seem to like each other. Like humans they sometimes fight.

Two lions fighting for the best place to stay

Many tourist lions have come from all over the world. The Brazilian lion is looking for the next beach, whereas the lion from ancient Rome probably is looking for the National Collection of Antiques. Old Roman Lion in Munich decorated with mosaic Lion in Munich headed for the beach

Naturally, there are many proud Bavarian lions in Munich as well. Lion in Munich drinking a Mass beer Lion in Munich wearing trekking shoes in Bavarian colors

The international avant-gard lions and famous lion painters have stopped by to visit Marienplatz . Two strange lions seen near Marienplatz in Munich Artfully painted Lion in Munich

Culture in Munich is never to be underestimated. This elegant lion is about to visit the Opera.

Lion in Munich ready to go to the Opera

Unfortunately we also found the young jaunty lion, who had to shorten his visit to Munich because of a broken leg.

Wounded Lion in Munich

Lion in Munich We wanted to find out why suddenly that many lions are coming to Munich and the Leo Parade explained us, they are not coming purely to visit our fascinating city, but for a very good reason:

The lions are engaged in Munich's children charity, Children in Need. All the proceeds from the lion project will benefit needy children. I'd like to say a big thank you to all the lions and their sponsors, who make our city more beautiful and help a good cause. If you enjoyed the new attractions to München and would like to have your own lion, contact the Munich Leo Parade.