Sports in Munich

Doing Sports in Munich is very popular. In our city, where you can do all kinds of sports - winter and summer.

Skis in the Olympastadium
In 1972 Munich hosted the XX. Summer Olympic Games, and we still have and use the sports venues. Since the FIFA World cup in 2005, there's also the soccer stadium Allianz Arena.

Apart from that, Munich is also a great place for winter sports. We even applied as candidate for the Winter Olympics in 2018 (but didn't win). Munich would be the first city in the world to host Summer and Winter Olympics. This shows you how much diversity you can have when doing or watching sports in Munich.

Below is an overview of all the sports activities in Munich, that you can either engage yourself during your visit here, or watch. We have important sports events taking place every year. Some of the most famous ones obviously the soccer matches of the Bayern Munich football team.


If you're even slightly interested in soccer, it's really worth your while to visit a game in the stunning Allianz Arena. But there are also hundreds if not thousands of soccer fields across the city, where you can kick the ball yourself.


Hiking is a favorite sports in Munich Probably every person in Munich (except my husband) loves to hike in the nearby mountains. Standing on the summit and looking down at the spectacular panorama is just that pinch of freedom that every city person so longs for.

The day trip to Andechs is something everyone will enjoy and is easy enough even for kids.

Ice Skating

You can use any of the several ice skating rinks or wait for the lakes and ponds in and around Munich to be frozen. But be careful when venturing out on natural ice.


More winter sports in Munich! Sledding is fun for kids and adults alike. With kids, use some of the smaller hills inside the city, whereas for adults I recommend the professional sledding slopes in the nearby Alps.


Swimming Lake Activities in Munich include swimming, off course. We have plenty of indoor and outdoor swimming pools, as well as lakes and ponds.

Ranging from smaller swimming lakes like the Fasaneriesee to the huge Starnberger See just a short ride outside Munich.


apart from the vast opportunities to ski in the nearby mountains, you can attend some high-class skiing events in Munich at the Olympiaberg such as a Slalom World Cup Race or a Cross Country Race.


We love to bike! A bicycle is not only a piece of sports equipment, but also a perfect means to get from A to B. You can rent bikes at several places throughout the city.

Some of our nicest beer gardens like Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe can best be reached via bike.

We also used to have a very popular Six Days Track Cycling Event, that unfortunately has been canceled due to the doping issues a few years back.

Pedal Boats

In the English Garden you can rent a Pedal Boat to have a fun time on the Kleinhesseloher See. This little lake is not apt for swimming due to the many ducks and the shallow (dirty) water.


Surfing in the Eisbach Believe it or not, Munich is a major hot spot for river surfing. An exhilarating, but cold experience, as the Eisbach never has more than 16-17°C, even on the hottest summer days.

If you're not brave enough to try it yourself, then you can conveniently watch the mavens from the nearby bridge.

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