Munich Car Rentals

Munich car rentals can make your life a lot easier.

When you're in Munich, most sightseeing can be done by public transport, but ...

...this doesn't apply for some of day trips into the surroundings.
Trains, buses and guided tours are available, but might make your excursion more complicated or less adventurous.

Getting off "the beaten track" will deliver sights and experiences that you don't find in the tourist books!

But you can't do it without a car. And, most of you can't bring your own! So the solution is obvious...

... Munich Car Rentals!

We used to rent cars frequently, because we don't have our own automobil (now we joined a Car Sharing Company, which is an option for you if you stay here at least one year).

The most well known of Munich car rental companies are: Sixt, Avis, Hertz and Autoeurope. All of them have a fast, friendly service, reliable cars, and conveniently located rental stations all over Munich and Germany.

For example, let's say you're coming into Munich on a night flight. You'll be able to pick up your rental car directly at the airport and drive to your destination. Unfortunately this convenience has its price: for rentals at airports and train stations a surcharge applies.

When on a tight budget, hire your automobile at the Stachus agency, which is 5 minutes walk from Hauptbahnhof (Central Station) and will not charge the additional fee.

If you plan your travels ahead and already know when and where you'll be needing a car, it's best to book in advance. This gives you the security to get the desired automobile, especially during peak season in summer. You can find great deals online for longer rental periods.

But if you come here to Munich and decide you need a car just for a day or so, you can head directly to your nearest rental agency and get the auto right there on the spot.

EU or International Drivers license required

Prerequisites for car rental are pretty straightforward: you need to have a valid drivers license and credit card!

For all EU members, your document is automatically valid in Germany. For all other visitors you must have an international drivers license to be on the safe side. Even though nowadays many citizens like Canadians, US Americans, Australians, will be able to use their country's document.

Generally no age limit applies, as long as you are of legal age (18 in Germany), but for some higher priced limousines and sports cars the age limit will be 25 or even 30 years. If you're in doubt, check first with the rental agency.

And just in case you're curious:

No, we don't have a general speed limit on our Autobahn. Basically you're allowed to drive as fast as your car permits (given favorable traffic and weather conditions off course).

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