Munich Flea Market

Visiting a Munich Flea market can be an exhilarating experience. I assure you that every thrifting lover will find her preferred spot in our city.

Our flea market guide shows you the most important flea fairs and gives you details about the different places in order to find out which one suits your needs best.

Apart from the official markets there are also many rummage sales or garage sales that you can find when walking through Munich's streets. Sometimes you even walk past a house, where the owners have put a few thrift items outside to give away for free. Usually there's a sign "Zu verschenken" and a box with small items like glasses, vases, clothes, etc.

If you're looking for antiques, visit a special antique market. Though they're higher priced, chanced to find what you're looking for are also much higher.

Tips for Flea Market Shopping

  1. The Early Bird Catches The Worm: Professional buyers come as soon as the market is open and even before. My friend who's an avid flea market visitor told me that the real bargains and the good things are sold way before 6 am, usually straight out of the car without even making it to the stall.
  2. If getting up early doesn't appeal to you, not all is lost: To make bargains as night owl, your best strategy is to come really late, just before closing. Around 2pm after a long day on the marche aux puces, sellers are tired and desperate to go home. With little stuff left they will sell for almost any price just to get rid of their last things.
  3. Beware of fakes. Street markets are a paradise for fake sellers. Some admit to do so (this is still illegal, but at least you know what you're up to), others just have no idea about their merchandise or are -even worse- out to get you.
  4. Know the prices. Especially private sellers make prices based on emotional value. That old vase, that belonged to Auntie Kate, has a high value in their eyes even though the material value is next to zero. Off course the opposite can happen as well.
  5. Carry enough change. Make sure you have lots of coins and small bills. It weakens your bargaining position if you just have a 50 Euro note on your hand.
  6. For authentic antiques, visit an antique fair. The prices are higher, but if you don't really know that stuff, then your chances to find antiques on any other Munich flea market are slim.
  7. Avoid Import and Export Restrictions: If you're traveling back home outside the European Union, make sure you're allowed to take that stuff with you. Well know items on the No-No list are ivory, even though the statue is decades old and crocodile leather. Check with the customs office what's on the restricted list.
  8. Don't expect anything, but be pleasantly surprised if you find a wonderful bargain.

Munich Flea Market Directory

You can find all the mentioned fairs on our flea market map below.

Messegelände Riem

The biggest thrift sale in Bavaria. It's open almost every Saturday from 6am to 4pm and it's huge.

According to the Munich tourist office, it's also one of the most beautiful flea markets in Germany. Well, for me it looks like any other one ;-)

If you have kids, leave them in the bouncy castle while doing your flea market shopping.

Antikpalast and Flohmarkt Freimann

Located in the North of Munich, in Freimann, this is the place to go for antique shopping. The Antikpalast is an indoor flea market with more than 40 stands on 2000 square meters, operated only by professional sellers.

Open Friday and Saturday. Sunday open for watching not for buying (due to the German "Ladenschlussgesetz" Shop closing law).

In front of the Antikpalast on the parking lot is Thursday to Saturday the Flohmarkt Freimann with private sellers as well.

Flohmarkt am Ostbahnhof

Right next to the Kultfabrik, the famous Munich nightlife area. Open only Saturdays from March to October and only private sellers are allowed.

Flohmarkt Daglfing

Next to the horse racing track in Daglfing, this flea and antique market is open every Friday and Saturday.

Apart from the usual stands, there's an antiques store with everything you could wish for in furniture, militaria and other collectibles.

Take the opportunity to visit the panoramic restaurant and have a great view over the racing track.

Flohmarkt Olympiapark

Even though this is not the biggest flea market in Munich, my friend claims it to be the best. She comes here at least twice a year to sell her stuff and her childrens stuff and rarely has to take items back home.

It's open Friday and Saturday except public holidays. Organized by the Bavarian red cross, which means the proceeds from the rent (sellers have to pay a rent per meter space they use) go to charity.

Riesen-Flohmarkt Theresienwiese

This is undoubtedly the biggest Munich flea market and has become iconic over the years.

It takes place just once a year on the first Saturday of the Spring Festival on Theresienwiese (the same place where Oktoberfest is held). This is an experience you shouldn't miss.

More than one million thrift lovers visit in a single day!

Here's a wonderful article from real flea market insiders about Riesenflohmarkt Theresienwiese

Gebrauchtwarenhaus Halle 2 - Wertstoffhof

Not a classic flea market. This second hand department store belongs to the city of Munich and here the things are sold that people bring to the bulky waste collection station. You can find mostly furniture that's still in good shape.

Click on the drawing pins in the map below to get the exact direction for your prefered Munich flea market.

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