Munich Restaurant Guide

Bratwurst, Pretzel, Schweinebraten,
Knödel, and more...

Our Munich restaurant guide shows you different places where you're sure to get a great meal.

Restaurant and Beer Garden Löwenbräu Keller

You can find thousands of restaurants all over Munich and you won't be able to try them all, so why waste your time and go for the wrong ones?

The Löwenbräu Keller on the picture above has a beer garden, a restaurant and a big hall for events such as the Strong Beer Festival or Carnival.

Wassermann Restaurant near Hohenzollernplatz in Munich We have eten at all of the locations you can find in this guide, and even though tastes and budgets differ, we are sure you will like our choices.

Off course this doesn't mean that you can't venture out on your own to find many more great restaurants in Munich. And we'd love to hear about your favorite eatery!

We have taken great care in evaluating the quality of the food, the price in relation to what is offered, and maybe most importantly, the service.

Some of the eateries that are mentioned in other Munich Restaurant guide books have a horrible service, which is not what we think you deserve.

And don't worry, just because we do famous Bavarian and German food right down here, we offer you more than just bratwurst and sauerkraut. The dining options in Munich are widely varied and branch out from every corner of the globe.

There's a great variety of international cuisines like Italian, French, Arabic, Asian, South American, African, Steak Houses, Vegan Restaurants, Salad Bars, ....

I'm pretty sure there's not one single country that doesn't have a restaurant here.

Off course, Munich also features various fast food chains such as Mc Donalds, Burger King, Pizza Hut and Starbucks, but you already know their food, so I won't mention them here. And I urge you to venture out and taste the Bavarian food! There are too many delicious and faszinating restaurants for you to visit the places at which you've already eaten.

Below are a few of the best kinds of restaurants the city has to offer you and your hungry traveling group.

Beer Halls

Hofbräuhaus - The most famous beer hall in the world
Augustiner - Beer Hall and Restaurant near Marienplatz

Bavarian Restaurants

Bavarian Restaurant When in Rome! You have to at least have one traditional Bavarian meal while in Munich. While the local cuisine is similar to German food found elsewhere, it definitely has some distinct differences, which I think you will love all the way until the last bite.

Many Munich restaurants feature Bavarian cuisine (also called "Gutbürgerlich" in German) that consists of favorites such as Weisswurst (a very fresh white sausage), Schweinsbraten (tender pork slices in gravy), Kässpatzen (made from flour, eggs, salt, water and lots of cheese!), and Brezel und Obazda (pretzels with a kind of flavored cream cheese). These, of course, are just the tip of the iceberg. Try them all and see what kind of Bavarian dish is your favorite!

A great place to eat Bavarian food right in the main shopping area near Marienplatz is the Augustiner.

Or visit Kugleralm, which is not only a authentic Bavarian restaurant, but has also a beer garden and offers you breathtaking landscapes.

Kugleralm - Beer Garden and Restaurant
Schwabinger Kartoffelhaus - Just Potatoes
Wassermann - Best and biggest breakfasts

Italian Restaurants

We Germans love Italian food just as much as we do our traditional cuisine. And you can count on finding some of the best Italian food in the Bavarian region.

After all, Munich is only about two hours from the Italian border. If delicious pasta, hearty roasted dishes and savory red wine make up your ideal meal, then you will find plenty of top notch Italian Munich restaurants to choose from.

Try Café Tambosi at Odeonsplatz for great Italian food, coffee delights and "see and be seen".

Café Tambosi - Real Italian Coffee Specialties and great Pasta

Beer Gardens

Beer garden When most people start planning a trip to Germany, they can’t wait to sit outside, enjoy the mild summer German weather and have a beer or two to pass the time. And just as in every other Bavarian city, beer gardens are abundant in Munich.

For those of you unfamiliar with a traditional beer garden (Biergarten in German), it is an open-air area, usually lined with picnic tables and long benches, in which local beer, drinks and food are served.

It is a beloved place during the late spring, summer and early fall. During these months, the days are long and sunshine abundant, making beer gardens one of the most popular places to spend an afternoon.

When you’re in Munich, you definitely have to visit a beer garden!

Beer Gardens - They're everywhere!
Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe - High Above the Shores of Isar River
Chinesischer Turm - Famous Beergarden in the Englischer Garden
Aumeister - Our personal favorite in the Northern English Garten
Michaeligarten - In the middle of Ostpark alongside a small lake

British & American

If you feel like you've tried and tasted enough foreign food and are ready for a little creature comfort from home, you'll find plenty of options for British and American restaurants in Munich.

Many recognizable, big name restaurants from home can be found throughout Munich. While they are typically filled with tourists from all over, you'll be able to order just what you are craving. You can enjoy a burger and fries or fish and chips, but you still might want to wash it all down with a delicious local German beer.

In addition to the types of cuisine mentioned above, Munich, being the international city that it is, offers just about any kind of meal that you're in the mood for. Whether it’s Asian fusion, delicacies from the Middle East or even Mexican food, Munich restaurants are a great place for trying dishes from all over the world.

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