Gasteig Munich

Gasteig Munich

Gasteig Munich is a concert hall and cultural center that is every bit as modern and charming as you would hope for a city like Munich. Itís fairly new, too. Since it was finished in 1985, it has been the home of not only the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra but also smaller, chamber performances and some special events that run throughout the year.

Gasteig Munich Whenever possible, I try to take in a performance. Some of the best performers in the world often play with the Philharmony or schedule performances in one of the other halls.

Usually you have to purchase the tickets well in advance, because the best performances are usually sold out. Check online the schedule during you stay in Munich and buy your tickets right away. I can guarantee you, it will be an unforgettable event.

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Visiting the Gasteig

Performances are enchanting.
The swell of the orchestra reverberating through a quality concert hall. Cultured people dressed in their best outfits. The anticipation of a celebrity performer playing with the local Philharmonic orchestra. This is exactly what it feels like to take in a concert at the Gasteig.

In addition to being a performance center, there are also other things you can do at the Gasteig. The original estate building that was located behind the center was the site of an assassination attempt on Hitlerís life. The event, which was plotted and carried out by George Elser, is commemorated in a small display located on the property.

Gasteig Munich Also, the Gasteig is part of some larger cultural events. For example, each year, Munich has a film festival. Though the festival is going on in various venues throughout the city, the Gasteig is home to many of them.

You can also find restaurants in the Gasteig and nearby as well as a cafe or two. These are always filled with people before and after a performance. There is also a library, a school and a conservatory located on the premises.

How to Get There

Since this is a popular performance venue, the Gasteig does have a parking garage with enough parking spots for its patrons.

Just follow the parking signs to the Gasteig parking garage. The garage is located right next to the Gasteig on Rosenheimerstrasse.

It is also very convenient to take the S-Bahn. The Rosenheimerplatz stop is located right at the Gasteig. If you decide to walk, it is reachable from most points in the city center. The most convenient is to walk from the Ostbahnhof which is about a ten minute walk.

Going to a Performance

Have you decided to attend a performance at the Gasteig? If so, you can see the center in its intended use. The main concert hall is large and the accoustics are impressive. If your budget affords it, try to get a seat close to the front. This gives you a nice view of the stage and optimizes the sound.

Find all performances in Gasteig at Eventim

Gasteig Munich The Gasteig is one of the premier venues that Munich has to offer and for me, itís a must-see. It attracts world class performers and it is a rare night when most of the seats arenít filled with eager patrons, ready to enjoy some great music.

If you decide to go, try one of the restaurants in the area. You can also attend the Metropolis bar which is in the Hilton Hotel next door.

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