Travel to Munich -
The Best Way To Get Here

Fun rafting on Isar river near Munich Travel to Munich is easy and convenient.

You can use air planes, trains, buses or your car to travel to Munich. Some people even come here by bike or by walking.
The only means of transport that won't bring you to our city is a ship. Well, except if you consider this raft a ship ;-)

Flight / Air Plane

If you're from overseas, your best (and only) option to travel to Munich will be flying in. Usually you have to change air planes in Frankfurt, London, or Paris, depending on the airlines you fly with.

Cheap flights to Munich But there are also many direct cheap flights to Munich from major cities like New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Bangkok, Beijing, and others. Munich's Franz Josef Strauss Airport is considered one of the most beautiful and organized airports in the world.


For travelers from Europe or if you want to visit several European countries, the railway is your way to go!

Trains run all over Europe, linking almost every major city several times a day. On main routes even on an hourly schedule.

Magnetic Levitation Train Transrapid will soon be built 
to connect Munich airport with the city. It travels at almost 500 km/h I like traveling by train, because they bring you directly to the city centre, low-hassle, zero stress. It's the perfect way to travel: enough legroom even for tall persons, you can get up and walk to the restaurant, visit the other coaches. Feel free to bring your own food and drink, no problem, it's allowed..!

Some high-speed trains run at up to 300 km/h (186 mph), and are even faster than flying for many inter-city journeys. The added advantage is, you don't have to endure all the hassles of the security controls that you'd have to go through when flying.

If you use overnight sleeper trains you can sleep comfortably while crossing half of Europe, saving both day travel time and a hotel bill. Train tickets can be bought individually or you can save big by using a monthly or weekly rail pass.

Click here to find the best ways to safe on train tickets to and around Munich.

Long Distance Bus

Long Distance Buses to Munich will stop at
the Bus Station in Froettmaning. From there you need to take the underground to the city center. Unfortunately railway travel can be quite expensive (if you don't buy a rail pass). Budget travelers will therefore be best off to use the bus from long distance bus station in Fröttmaning. A ticket Paris - Munich can be as cheap as 30 Euros.
Euro-buses connect all major European cities and due to good highways they're fast and safe.

But you trade cheap transport for comfort: I personally would do almost anything in order to avoid one night of non-sleep in a bus!!

Car / Rental Car

Many visitors use their own car or a rental car for a trip to Munich. In the city itself, you'll imprecate your decision more than once: traffic can be excruciating and it is nearly impossible to find a parking space.

Don't park where you shouldn't, because police is quick to tow away cars. This is an experience, you definitely don't want to make!

But a car can be very useful for excursions around Munich. Especially if you want to visit remote places, it can be quite time-consuming to get there by train....

Another possibility is car sharing (Mitfahrgelegenheit), which means you catch a ride with someone driving to Munich and pay a small fee for the ride. There are three big online portals that offer rides with registered drivers.