Don't You Just Love
Outdoor Swimming Pools?

Munich has eight public outdoor swimming pools, all run by Stadtwerke München, Munich's public utility company. I love to swim and to be near water, as apparently most inhabitants from Munich do :-)
On a sunny day, you can see many of us flocking to the Isar "beaches", swimming pools as well as each and every lake around Munich.

Even though I love to swim in natural ponds and lakes, sometimes I prefer the outdoor swimming pool. First, they're generally much nearer to my home and second, the water is heated!
Water temperatures in the lakes and rivers rarely rise above 18°C.

Some of Munich's public outdoor swimming pools offer an extensive range of water fun like slides and diving towers, while others are more standard. But all of them have an excellent water quality, extensive lawns for sunbathing with big shady trees and a modest entrance fee (3,10 € for adults, less for children). They're open only in summer season, between May and September.

Get to know the eight public outdoor swimming pools in Munich (there are many more, but those are privately owned or belong to hotels) and chose the one you want to visit. Afterwards click here and you will be taken to a map with the locations of all Outdoor Swimming Pools in Munich on Google Maps.


Outdooor swimming pool Georgenschwaige Munich Conveniently located in Luitpoldpark in Schwabing, you can come here after an exhausting day of sightseeing and refresh yourself. It has two pools, 25m and 50m, and a diving platform. Georgenschwaige is the swimming pool closest to my home, so we might even meet there ;-)

Dante Sommerbad

Outdooor swimming pool Dantefreibad Munich Not to be confounded with Dante-Winter-Warmfreibad, where you can swim outdoors even when it is snowing! Dantefreibad is the outdoor pool with most basins in Munich. You can choose between four 50m basins with different temperatures, a 25m non-swimmer basin, and a fun pool with slides, rapids, massage jets, etc. Additionally there's a nudist area with its own 50-m basin.

Maria Einsiedel

Natural swimming pool Maria Einsiedel Munich Romantically located next to the Isar river. A small part of the river has been diverted, flowing through the swimming pool area. The Isar flow channel is a unique attraction you will not find anywhere else. After swimming in the cold river water, you have two heated basins to warm up again :-)
Several beer gardens in and around the outdoor pool make Maria Einsiedel Freibad a perfect trip for a weekend.


Outdooor swimming pool Michaelibad in Munich Adjacent to Michaelibad with indoor pools, it has undergone a major renovation a few years ago. Now Michaelifreibad is a true water park with several basins, diving towers, slides, flow channels, massage jets, etc.

Michaeli Swimming Pool is located in the Ostpark, a beautiful park in the eastern part of Munich with an artificial lake and one of my favorite beer gardens. (Well, it used to be my favorite, but since we moved to Schwabing, it's quite far away).


Located next to the center of Munich, near Friedensengel. This is the pool of choice after a hard day sightseeing and visiting museums. The Bus 100 Museumsline stops in front of the swimming pool. It is probably the smallest of Munich's outdoor swimming pools and the only one that doesn't have a 50m basin.


Is the oldest public bath in Munich: it was openend already in 1847. During the first years of existence only men were allowed inside. Nowadays, off course, everyone can visit. Schyrenbad has been renovated and re-opened in 2007. The sunbathing lawns and big beer garden offer enough space for up to 7.500 persons. Even on the hottest weekend days you'll always find a place for your towel and yourself :-)


Outdooor swimming pool Ungererbad in Munich Located in the northern part of Schwabing, near Leopoldstrasse. Ungererbad is one of the big outdoor swimming pools in Munich with several basins and a nudist area for ladies as well as one for families, completely separated from the "normal" bathing area. Another attraction is the 57-m slide.


In the western part of the city this outdoor swimming pools offers three different basins, a 74-m slide and everything else you need to enjoy a day in the water.

Click here and you will be taken to a map with the locations of all Outdoor Swimming Pools in Munich.