Munich Bike Rentals

Munich Bike Rentals is a great way to discover our beautiful city! Munich is a very bicycle friendly city and you will see many persons using their bikes to commute to work, university or taking a ride alongside the Isar river.


Cycling Lanes Everywhere

Our city has cycling lanes (usually alongside the pedestrian walks) virtually everywhere. Officially they claim to have more than 200km (120miles) of bicyle paths. And that's only inside Munich.

Trip to the swimming lake Another very popular thing to do in summer is to take a bike tour to the next swimming lake or a beer garden. So you won't be alone riding your bike in Munich.

You can also take longer rides and even several-day-trips alongside the Isar and Donau (Danube) rivers or crossing the Alps.

Didn't bring our own? Rent a bike!

Renting is easy!

If you want to get around Munich fast and effortless, while visiting as many attractions as possible within a short time, then a bicyle is perfect for you. Fortunately for you, there are several Munich Bike Rentals.

Deutsche Bahn Call-a-Bike

Call a bike by Deutsche Ban
Being the German railroad company, they have bikes in every major city in Germany.

You need to register once and can rent bikes all over Germany. This is great if your're travelling to more cities than just Munich.

Even though I've never used a CallBike myself (because I prefer to use my own), I have a friend who loves that system.

He owns two expensive bikes, but uses them only for sports or longer trips, wheras for short distances in the city he always uses Call-A-Bike.

You can find the peculiar red and grey bikes at many streetcorners and there's even an Iphone app that will show you the locations of free bikes.

Bike rental is easy!


  1. Call the phone number given on the bike (or use your iPhone, Android, Blackberry App)
  2. You receive a 4 digit code
  3. Open the lock with the code and start your trip.
  1. Park the CallBike and press the "lock" button
  2. Follow the rules on the display to keep your bike "occupied" so nobody else can rent it meanwhile
  3. When returning just open the lock with your 4 digit code again.
  1. Park the cycle anywhere inside the "Mittlerer Ring", preferably near a streetcrossing.
  2. Follow the rules on the display.
  3. Enter the 4 digit returning key and call the phone number on the bike.
  4. Follow the direkctions given.
Prices are cheap, you can chose between 2 different models:
  1. Pay-as-you-go: 8 cents per minute, max. 15 Euro within 24 hours
  2. Flat rate: 48 Euro per year
Discounts for owners of a Bahncard apply.

More Munich Bike Rentals

Radius Tours and Bikes

Inside the Hauptbahnhof (Central Train Station) - Opposite platform 32

Munich Walking Tours Bikes

Thomas-Wimmer-Ring 1, about 5 minutes walk from Marienplatz

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