Surfing in Munich
Hot Spot Eisbach

The Eisbach is definitely the top spot for surfing in Munich. Despite of being a landlocked city hundreds of miles away from the nearest beach, Munich is still known as a hotspot for surfing.

Surfing in Munich

Maybe because it's so unusual, the standing wave at the Eisbach has become a symbol for the city, that almost every tourist and local has watched at least once.

Watch the Pros from the Bridge

Riversurfing Eisbach Luckily for you, the Eisbach wave is very concentiently located between the Bavarian National museum and Haus der Kunst.

After a tiring museum visit you can stroll over to the bridge and join the other specators in this refreshing activity.

The Water is COLD

Surfer taking a plunge And refreshing it is! Well not that much for you as spectator, because apart form the breeze of fresh air from the English Garden and a few drops of water here and there, you're safe.

But the Eisbach surfers are doubly courageous, as the water is really COLD. The name Eisbach of that articifial little river crossing the English Garden means "Icy Creek", and icy it is.

Even on the hottest summer days the water rarely reaches more than 17°C (62°F), during the colder months it is more like 10°C (50°F) and can go as deep as just above the freezing point (34°F). Because of the strong currents, it rarely ever freezes, but even this has happened.

A little history

Munich Surfing The wave is about 1 m high and 10 m wide. It first appeared in 1972 after the city submerged concrete blocks under the bridge to break up the current. Unfortunately the wave was very unstable and broke only during high water (in spring after the snow melts) and could disappear for most of the summer, when the weather conditions for surfing in Munich are otherwise most favorable. Locals started some "constructin work" with wooden pplanks to stabilize the wave and since then surfing in Munich has become a year-around sports activity.

The Wave is only for Experts

As you will see for yourself, the Eisbach is very dangerous. Even though further down people are swimming it's not recommended! Every year a few people die when swimming here. Don't do it!

The current is fast, strong and treacherous, the wave even more, partly due to flow-braking concrete rocks in the riverbed. I recommend you watch the surfers and have fun, but get in the water only if you're already an expert. No beginners here!

Eisbach Wave If you happen to have your own surfboard with you, I assume you're an expert, so go for it!

Otherwise (luckily for your health) there's no chance to rent a board anywhere in Munich.

There's only space for one person in the wave and you have to queue for your turn. Maybe that's the reason, why surfers go there even during the coldest, rainiest and most ugly weather conditions. Less people, no waiting lines.

Sine 2010 surfing is legal at your own risk, and the city has put up warning signs. If you want to give it a try for yourself, head over to where the locals post all relevant information.

Floßlände in Thalkirchen

Due to overwhelming popularity the city opened a second artificial wave upstream at the Floßlände in Thalkirchen, near the Flaucher beer garden. This one's a lot easier, so beginners can start practicing here and it is much wider, with space for a few surfers at a time, therefore less lines and waiting time.

As this spot is not in the heart of Munich you have few spectators, which might be a good thing, when just starting out :-) Unfortunately the wave usually only breaks from April to September when the Alpine snow melts push enough water into the Isar river.

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