Best 24 hours at Oktoberfest

It was a good night, just got out of the field (was in the Army at the time) for the last 24 hours of Oktoberfest, so I hopped on the trains, and went to Munich."

It was amazing, the beer tasted great (especially all the Hefe/Crystal Weizen), but can you expect any less from Germany?

The special brews were great as well, as the warm wines. I would have remembered what they were called, but when you tent hop... well you know what happens while drunk!

Yup, I drank from the boot, and trust me the boot will spill if you don't turn it right. The food though, it was the main thing that hooked myself. The schnitzels, especially the jager-schnitzels, was top notch.

Would I do it again? Yes, it is one of those things I miss now, being in the States.



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