Your Special Oktoberfest Experience

Tobi and I have experienced so many great moments at the Oktoberfest!

Alone, with friends, in the sunshine, in the rain, riding the fun rides, sitting in the beer gardens, dancing in the tents.

I've given you a glimpse into all of the 14 beer tents, their specialties, showed you the tips and tricks on having the best time of your life, shared stories about beer festivals, buying traditional dresses and much more!

While I love sharing our stories, I love hearing, and seeing, your magical Munich pictures, too.

So, I'm curious....

Best 24 hours at Oktoberfest

Beer and Pretzels

Germany Seeks a Superstar

My First, And Not My Last, Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest circa 1975

Oktoberfest With a Teacher

Pretend You're 21 Again

Sleeping Verboten