Beer and Pretzels

I went to the Okoberfest in 1990. I met with the rest of the engineers in one of the tents in the Oktoberfest.

Most people were dressed in Lederhosen and Dirndl. While we were drinking beer, we linked arms and sang songs. I wondered how the hostesses could carry eight liters of beer at a time!

The pretzels were huge, the beer was delicious, and the weather was nice. The ground was covered in straw, probably to soak up the spilled beer.

Bavarian men danced to german folk music on a stage. At the end of the festival I saw several men being helped home by their wives, luckily I wasn't one of them.


Emeryville, California

Reply by Marion

Astonishingly the waitresses can carry up to 15 full one-liter beer mugs at the same time! This is one of the most amazing things to watch at the Oktoberfest.

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