New Botanical Garden Munich

Botanical Garden Munich
The Old Botanical Garden in the center (near Hauptbahnhof) had become too small, due to the preparation of land for building in the growing city. Therefore the New Botanical Garden in Munich was founded in 1914 near Nymphenburg castle.

Cactuses in the green house Nowadays the huge park is one of the most significant botanic gardens in the world. It cultivates more than 14.000 species of plant in an area of 22 hectares.

When using the main entrance at Menzinger Straße (there is another entrance directly connecting to Nymphenburg Park), you'll see the conservatories to your left hand.

In 15 green houses you can admire tropical forests, orchids, cactuses, desert plants, water plants, carnivore (meat-eating plants) as well as economic plants. This is definitely a place where you can spend several hours. Benches invite you to sit down, relax and enjoy.

Garden with seasonal flowers One of the main attractions especially for children though aren't the flowers, but the cute tortoises!

The entrance fee is very moderate with 3 Euros for adults and 2 Euros for children. One more reason to enjoy an excursion to our beautiful Botanical Gardens! The park is open during the whole year and closes only on Christmas Eve and 1st of January.

Personally I like to visit the hothouses on rainy days and the open air areas in spring and summer.

Red glowing triumph tulips Cairo After visiting the green houses, don't forget to take a lovely walk through the rest of the area: start with the show garden and let it inspire you with ideas for your own garden at home.

The two rectangular flower beds are replanted several times a year according to the season. The gleaming orange-red Cairo tulip on the picture is only one example of the amazing variety of spring flowers like tulip, viola and forget-me-not in all forms and colors.

Rose Garden with Tea House at the Botanical Garden in Munich Another highlight just next to the show flower beds is the rose garden, that features the beauty and majesty of hundreds of roses during summer.

If you're still in the mood, go for a walk in the arboretum, with trees from all over the world. The most impressive ones probably are the rare Magnolia trees with their amazing blossom in spring.

Most parts of the grassland are kept wild without mowing and you can experience a real German flowering meadow. Everywhere you'll find benches inviting you to sit down. Take a book with you, a sketch blog or have a picnic.

Alpine Garden at the Botanical Garden in Munich One of my favorite areas is the lake with water plants and frogs, and the Alpine Gardens. Here you can see the arduous and persistent flowers that withstand the most adverse conditions in the mountains above the timberline (tree limit).

Apart from receiving almost half a million visitors per year, the Botanical Gardens serve as educational institution for formal education and further training of gardeners as well as botany and phytology students of Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich.

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