Germany Seeks a Superstar

Evenings in the beer tents are always a bit crazy. In 2008 I was in the Hofbräu Festzelt with a bunch of Bavarian and American friends.

Predominately males, heads turned when a well-endowed "girl" in a Dirndl strolled by our table and asked to join us. The Bavarian were laughing and slapping one another on the back, while the Americans sat in stunned silence - a beautiful girl, but something doesn't quite add up...

It took a while for our Bavarian friends to calm down and explain to us that this "woman" was actually a man and had recently been featured on Germany's equivalent to "America's Got Talent."

Scott Stephens

Ironwood, MI

Reply by Marion

Hi Scott,

What a nice little story!! Thanks for sharing with us.

By the way, it's very common to meet celebrities at the Oktoberfest. Sometimes you are lucky enough to even chat with them a few words or make a photo.

"Celebrity density" is high during this time in Munich and all 5-Star Hotels are top security zones.

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