Munich Events: What's Up Next?

Munich is the third biggest city in Germany after Berlin and Hamburg. Oktoberfest in Munich Therefore she offers many important events such as concerts, sports competitions, and festivals to her habitants and visitors. Many people from all over Bavaria come to Munich for important events.

There are many regular Munich events such as the Oktoberfest in September, Sixdays track cycling in November or the movie festival in spring.

If you run out of events in Munich, there are many famous nearby attractions like the Kaltenberg Knights Tournament or the King Ludwig musical in Füssen waiting for your visit.

King Ludwig was the one, who built Schloss Neuschwanstein, and while you're watching the musical you can enjoy a spectacular view at the "fairy tale" castle. Kaltenberg Knights Tournament near Munich

Apart from the regular events, you'll find that Munich hosts plenty of concerts and sports competitions throughout the year.

Most of the famous stars like Madonna, the Rolling Stones, Shakira, etc. will come to Munich when they tour Germany or Europe.

Olympic Stadium in Munich If you're planning to spend some days or weeks in Munich, make sure you check the events in Munich during your stay. You might even want to schedule your visit according to some of the big events Munich hosts.

The big concerts usually take place in the Olympiastadium (engl.: Olympic stadium) or the smaller Olympic hall nearby. It's easy to get there by public transport and usually you should arrive well in advance, because of security checks at the entrances.

By the way, since the worldcup the soccer games don't take place in the Olympic stadium anymore. The soccer teams are now playing in the new Allianz Arena near Fröttmaning.