German Christmas Cookies
To Die For

Holiday season without German Christmas cookies just wouldn't be the same!

You can buy them everywhere, industrially manufactured and packaged Christmas cookies in the supermarkets, hand-made exclusive ones in the many bakeries we have, but most fun of course is to do them yourself !

Weihnachtsplätzchen is one of the German Chrismas traditions nobody wants to miss. In fact, even though most people complain about the fattening holiday season, almost everyone bakes their own cookies :-)

When I was a kid we used to bake Vanillekipferl (Almond-vanilla crescents) and Ausstecherle (with cookie cutters), which always drove my mother crazy, because my sister and I would eat the dough instead of forming the cookies. Afterwards we were usually sick from eating all the dough and didn't have enough cookies to give away :-)

Giving German Christmas cookies to just anyone you know is a nice tradition as well.

Starting from 1st of December, your neigbours and colleagues offer you their newest cookie creation and offices smell with freshly baked Lebkuchen, cinnamon stars and other German Christmas cookies.

Tobi and I started a few years ago with our own "Cookie Production". Every year we bake 1 or 2 evergreens and try 2 new and exotic recipes.

But my all time favorites are cinnamon stars (Zimststerne). I'm really jealous with them and would rather not give any of those delicious little sweet treats away ;-)

If you want to make your own, here is our Cinnamon star recipe

Buy Original German Lebkuchen on

Are you hungry yet? My hubby is an avid lover of Lebkuchen and in the last years, he has perfected his baking skills.

But even if you don't have the time or skills to bake your favorite German treat, you can still have them. sells original Nuremberg Elisen Lebkuchen and Christmas cookies from Schmidt Lebkuchen.

Buy one for yourself, and another one as the perfect Holiday gift. They come in decorative tin chests, filled with delicious ginger bread, and you'll have a lasting memory, long after you've devoured all of the delicacies inside.

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Schmidt Nuremberg Festive Chest

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