Hop-On Hop-Off Munich Tour

Experience the City from a Double Decker Bus

In a hurry? Not fond of walking a lot? Need a first impression? The Hop-on Hop-off Munich Tour is the perfect solution for you.

Last year I took the Grand Tour with one of my friends, just because we had the day off and wanted to do something different. We didn't get out at any of the stations, but stayed on the bus during the whole circuit and had so much fun!

Munich Tour with Open Topped Bus

Sit Back and Enjoy

The colorful open air double decker buses pass all the important sights in Munich, while you just sit back and enjoy. How's that for a relaxed visit?

The official tour starting point is right across the main entrance of Hauptbahnhof in front of the Karstadt department store. But you can use any of the stopps to start your ride.

There are two different tours: the Grand Tour and the Express Tour. The Express tour takes 1 hour non-stop, the Grand Tour 2,5 hours non-stop - off course we opted for the long one.

I always recommend the Grand Tour, because the circuit includes more attractions for the same price. Remember that you can get off at any of the points of interest and stay there for as long as you want.

Buses run every 20 minutes in summer and every 30 minutes in winter. Just make sure not to miss the last bus in the evening, because otherwise you have to walk back to your hotel.

Munich Tour with Open Topped Bus

How Much Does It Cost?

Tickets are valid for either 24 hours (15 Euro) or 48 hours (26 Euro).

If you're in our city only two days, it's probably worth to buy the 48 hour ticket and use the Munich tour buses as your exclusive means of transport. Otherwise I think it's best to take the 24 hour ticket to get a first impression of Munich.

Munich's 10 Gorgeous Sights Take advantage of the buses to get to the further-out sites that aren't in quick walking distance, e.g. Nymphenburg Palace, Allianz Arena or BMW Museum. Then you can either walk or use the public transport for the rest of your stay to visit the sights and attractions that interest you most.

The Grand Tour takes you to all of Munich's Ten Gorgeous Sights, that are also described in my book with the same name.

On the bus a real persons give live commentaries in German and English, for other languages, ask for an audio guide. Feel free to ask your guide questions, they are very knowledgeable about Munich and can give you great advice.

Little Walking Involved

If you're not very mobile yourself or have small kids, this is a big plus for you. The buses stop directly in front of the attractions, e.g. Nymphenburg Castle, where you'd have to walk a looooong way using public transport.

Reaching the Allianz Arena requires you to board a small shuttle bus at Olympiapark (only in summer and not on match days) and guess where the shuttle stops? Almost in front of the entrance, whereas everyone else has to walk for what seems an eternity from either the parking lot or the underground station.

What if it Starts Raining?

Don't worry if it starts raining, the open air buses are quickly closed with tent-like plastic covers and you won't get wet. Get off the next station and enjoy some indoors sightseeing until the rain stops.

Singing in the Rain

Enjoy our city to the fullest with the Hop-on Hop-Off Munich Tour !

Stops for the Grand Tour

  1. Train Station / Hauptbahnhof in front of department store KARSTADT
  2. Pinakotheken
  3. Odeonsplatz
  4. Max-Joseph-Platz (Opera House)
  5. Marienplatz
  6. Karlsplatz / Stachus
  7. Nymphenburg Palace
  8. BMW World & Museum
  9. Olympic Park
  10. Allianz Arena
  11. English Garden

How to Book

It's not mandatory to book in advance, as you can also buy your ticket with the bus driver. But there's one big advantage to booking in advance (price is the same):

You can pass the line of ticket buyers and secure the best seats inside the bus :-) Click here to book with Viator

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