Starnberger See Image Gallery

Coastline of Starnberger See

Starnberger See

Beautiful coastline of Lake Starnberg with Starnberg in the background and visitors enjoying a walk.

Landing Stage at Starnberger See

Landing Stage

Landing stage of the pleasure boats crossing the Starnberger See. Don't miss a boat trip, it's a lot of fun!

Suburban train at Starnberg

Train Station

In the background the suburban train station of Starnberg, bringing you directly to the Starnberger See.

Roseninsel, Rose Island at Starnberger See


The Island of Roses can be visited on weekends with a Plätte, a small wooden boat. On weekdays you have to swim ;-)
At the horizon you can faintly see the skyline of the Alps.

Wooden boat houses at Lake Starnberg

Wooden Boathouse

You can find these wooden boathouses all along the coastline of beautiful Starnberger See.

Restaurant with beer garden at Starnberger See


One of the many restaurants and beer gardens, where you can take a break, sit down and enjoy the delicious Bavarian food. Or just relax in the sunshine, watch the scenic panorama view of the Alps and drink a beer.

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