Aumeister - Charming Beer Garden in the Nature

The last time we went to Aumeister beer garden to meet with our friends, we experienced a lot of adventures. But let's start from the beginning:

Aumeister Beer Garden in Munich Deciding which of the many beer gardens in Munich to go is always difficult, but finally someone said: "Let's meet at the Aumeister."

A perfect choice: we haven't been there in a while, it was just voted one of the most beautiful beer gardens in Munich, the beer tastes well and going by bike is a nice excursion through the English Garden.

You might already know that we like going by bicycle, for several reasons. Aumeister is located at the border between Northern and Southern part of the English Garden. The distance to central station in Munich is only about 8 km (5 miles) and pedaling there is a really enjoyable trip through the English Garden along the Isar without any motorized traffic.

Aumeister Beer Garden in Munich But we didn't get that far! Before even reaching the English Garden, my lovely partner broke the chain of his bike. As our friends were already waiting, we needed to change plans quickly and go by public transport.

The nearest Underground station was fortunately only a few minutes walk away. We left the bikes at the entrance and took the U6 to Studentenstadt. From there it's a 10 minutes walk.... if you take the way you're supposed to.

Because we were getting late, my lovely partner wanted to take a "shortcut". Have you ever taken a shortcut, when you're in a hurry? Well, this one turned out to end in a student residence. Not exactly where we wanted to go.

Aumeister Beer Garden in Munich I opted for going back to the street and take the "normal" way. Tobi off course, didn't agree. And off we went through backyards, meadows, forests, along a tennis court and finally we found the path we should've taken all along and saw a sign saying "Aumeister Beer Garden".

The shortcut had taken 20-25 minutes, but finally we arrived. Our friends were waiting impatiently, because we were bringing the food. :-)

In a snap we bought Radler beer, unpacked all our food and started to enjoy the evening!

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