Our Visit to the Beer Garden Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe

With my bike at the entrance of the beer garden Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe

We like to combine our beer garden visits with some sports. That way, beer and food taste much better :-)

The Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe is one of the big traditional beer gardens, almost everyone in Munich knows. It's located in the suburb Grosshesselohe, about 15 km (10 miles) south of the center of Munich.

With my bike at the entrance.
You can reach it by public transport (S-Bahn 7 to Grosshesselohe Isartalbahnhof), car, bike or even by walking. Going by bike is especially rewarding: the route travels most of the time along the Isar, which is the river crossing Munich from South to North. If you don't have your own bikes, you can rent them at several places in München.

Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe

It's a lovely day trip and on a hot day you can squeeze in some breaks for swimming. The public outdoor swimming pool Maria-Einsiedel is located about half way to Grosshesselohe. You can also bathe at many places in the Isar River. But I have to warn you: the Isar is very cold and has a rather strong current. Bathe or swim only where you can see locals doing so and be extremely careful!

The Waldwirtschaft Grosshesselohe beer garden The Isarauen (Isar meadows) are the continuation of the English garden and a popular recreational area. Most of the time the terrain is flat, just the last 500 meters are going steep uphill. Even better cyclists than me had to get off their bikes and push.

Once on top of the hill the view is spectacular. Be sure to sit at the far end of the beer garden, where you can see to the other side of the Isar valley.

We rewarded ourselves for the hard work with a "halbes Hendl" (half broiler), potato salad and a beer. The beer is sold - as usual- in liters (Mass) and we shared one Radler (half beer, half sprite). Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to mount our bicycles again and pedal back home.

Look how big a Bavarian beer mug is!
Look at me and the beer mug, which is almost as big as I'm
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