Camping in Munich with Tents or Mobile Homes

Camping in Munich is not for everone, but if you love nature and prefer independence over comfort, then it's a great way for you to save on accomodation during your stay in Germany.

We have several campgrounds scattered around the city in beautiful locations like the Isarauen in Thalkirchen (near the zoo Hellabrunn) or Langwieder See. All of them are easily reachable via public transport.

While there's usually no reservation needed, things change during Oktoberfest. Make sure to visit the websites of the different locations to find out how and where to reserve your spot.

Most camp sites feature a mini-market on site where you can buy groceries, personal hygiene articles and a few more things. Prices are normally higher than at a supermarket, but still acceptable.

Because the weather in Germany is quite harsh in winter, most camping grounds are closed from November to March.

Campground Thalkirchen

This is one of the most popular places for camping in Munich, because it's nearest to the city center with the best public transport connections.

A nice and quiet places within a breathtaking landscape at the water's edge of the Isar river.

They're open mid-march to the end of October and allow tents as well as caravans. Unfortunately it's only possible to make reservations for groups of more than 20 spots. Otherwise it's first come first serve. During Oktoberfest make sure to come really early and call first to find out if there's still a space.

Zentralländstr. 49
81379 München
Phone +49-89 7231707
Website at

Campsite Obermenzing

A very nice camp ground in the west of Munich, near the Autobahn A8. It is also easily reachable via S-Bahn and Bus. While it's still close to the city, it's already in the suburbs with access to wonderful landscapes and swimming lakes.

They don't accept reservations, but the owners state that there has never been a problem to accomodate every tent even during Oktoberfest. Mind you, this doesn't apply to mobile homes and caravans. If you bring more than a tent, call them first.

Open from March 15 to the end of October
Lochhausener Strasse 59
81247 München
Phone +49 89 8112235
Campground Obermenzing

Stoke Campgrounds

The campground in Obermenzing hosts the Stoke Campgrounds, which is kind of a campsite within the site and only open during Oktoberfest.

They offer two-person tents complete with sleeping mats and bags, including breakfast, barbecue and shuttle bus to Oktoberfest grounds for 50Euro per night.

It seems that the main focus of the whole Stoke is getting drunk (judging from their website). After the beer tents close, you can continue the party with flat fee drinking on their grounds. If you arrive with a rented Wicked Campervan, Stoke has reserved spaces for you.

Lochhausener Strasse 59
81247 München
Phone: +49 176 868 39508
Stoke Campgrounds

Campingplatz Nord-West

They claim to be very quiet and peaceful, but the campsite lies directly besides a big railroad switch yard, where especially at night the freight trains are put together.

There's a small mni market and you can reach the city center via bus and underground.

It's much nearer to Munich center than the campground at Obermenzing and you can walk (a bit of a walk though) or bike to the swimming lakes nearby. It's probably the only camping in Munich that is open year-around.

Auf den Schrederwiesen 3
80995 Munich
Phone +49 89 150 69 36
Campingplatz Nord West

The Tent

The Tent is located in the Nymphenburg park, behind the botanical garden.

It is more a hostel than a campsite, because most of the spaces are in their own gigantic tents where you can either rent bunks in the Bed-tent or foam mats in the Floor-tent.

But they also offer a small area where you can pitch your own tent. No caravans or mobile homes, though.

The tent is a great place to meet other backpackers and only a 15 minute Tram ride to the city center. It is run by a non pofit youth organization sponsored by the city of Munich.

In den Kirschen 30
80992 Munich
Phone +49 89 14 14 300
The Tent

Wiesn Camp

This camping in Munich site only operates during Oktoberfest.

You can rent tents or caravans, but cannot bring our own. The prices are modest: around 60 Euro for a tent for up to 4 persons.

It's located in Munich Riem on the horseracing track (near the Messe ) and can easily be reached via public transport.

Schichtl Strasse
81929 Munich
Phone +49 89 550 790 00
Wiesn Camp

Oktoberfest Camping for Mobile Homes

When arriving with your own mobile home, don't even think of parking in the city center as virtually all areas inside the Mittlerer Ring are now restricted parking for anyone except residents of that area.

Furthermore, you're not allowed to sleep in your camper anyway anywhere in Munich. You will face hefty fines and might even get towed away.

The Oktoberfest Campground in München Riem offers space for 1500 campers, about half of them with a power connection. They have sanitary facilities, a supermarket and a few restaurants.

The price is 35 euros per camper, including two people and 15 euros per additional person. Reservations are possible but not necessary.

81829 München
Oktoberfest Camping

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