Best Kids Sledding Hills in Munich

For a real, winter wonderland treat, why not visit some of the best kids sledding hills Munich has to offer?!

Sledding hills Munich Children of all ages, and those more adventurous adults, will love every slip, sliding second as they race down some of the best sledding and tubing hills in and around the city. No matter where you are staying in town, there is sure to be a well-groomed and family friendly toboggan hill in your vicinity.

While some snow sledding enthusiasts might choose the high and mighty Alps for their racing excursions, the smaller and more manageable hills in Munich are far more suitable for families with children of all ages.

But by no means does that means that they lack in excitement! Between downhill sledding, high-speed tubing, and snow centered activities, anyone visiting these hills is sure to have a memorable and exciting day.

Sledding hills Munich Public transportation is available to the three main sledding hills in the city (see below for further information). Be sure to dress appropriately, snow suits and mitts at the very least when winter rolls around, and be sure to bring along your children's sleds, toboggans or tubes.

Our kids love spending the whole day at the toboggan runs. They can't get enough of running up and down the hill, whizzing by others on their sleds, the hot chocolate stops - not to mention Glühwein for me! - and the absolutely wonderful atmosphere at the parks. It is a winter tradition that we've come to cherish over the years.

When searching for sledding hills in the city, look for information on Rodelberg or Schlittenberg, which means "sled hill/slope" in German.

olympiaberg If you want to stay within the city limits for your snow-filled fun day, try one of the three hills located in the north/central area of Munich.

Families with smaller children will love the popular sled hill in the English Garden (Englischer Garten). It is just 15 meters high (less than 50 feet) and is perfect for the youngest in your group, but will be just as fun and entertaining for older kids as well. And it couldn’t be more picturesque; the snowy run is situated right under the Monopteros.

The highest and most thrilling of the sledding hills in Munich is the Olympiaberg. Just a tad north of the city center, the slope is perfect for kids of all ages. Over 50 meters high (165 feet) and around 80 meters long (260 feet), the highest sledding hill in the city provides varying terrain to accommodate both older and younger kids.

Olympiaberg even offers a special snow tube run for kids looking to fly down the slopes in inner tubes.

Located near the Olympiaberg, the Luitpoldhügel is another great sledding hill slightly north of downtown. With over 120 meters of terrain (that’s almost 400 feet!) this outdoor winter wonderland is not only the biggest, but also one of the prettiest winter areas in all of Munich.

If you and your family are looking for a day trip to a sledding hill, most of the locations that surround Munich are located somewhere between the city and the Austrian border.

Since there is more room outside the city, these hills are much longer, often a few kilometers in length, and are wider than the city’s sledding hills. Popular destinations include spots in Kreuth, near the Tergernsee, like Setzberg, Reiderstein and Hirschberg. Other well-known snow hills are Söll, Neureuth Süd, and Blomber Rodelbahn.

Resorts outside the city usually have transportation up the hill (rope pulley or gondola) and have toboggans and safety equipment to rent for a small fee. Some even offer night sledding.

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