Sea Life Aquarium in Munich

Sea life aquarium in the Olympic park in Munich
We visited the Sea Life Center on a sunny afternoon in January, after enjoying a walk in the Olympiapark. The aquarium is located a short walking distance from the Olympic Tower.

Usually the entrance fee is quite hefty: 13 Euro for adults and 8,75 Euro for children. But we were lucky enough to have a promotion coupon with a 50% discount :-)

Even though the idea to have a Sea Life aquarium far away from the coast might seem strange, the center in Munich has been pretty successful. In summer you sometimes have to queue for up to one hour at the entrance.

One of the big water tanks at Sea life in Munich

We did not really know what to expect and were a bit skeptic, but Sea life left us impressed!

The round tour takes you onto a journey through different water worlds: beginning with the spring of the Isar river, leading into the Danube river, the Black sea and finally the colorful Mediterranean sea.

In each of the tanks along your journey, different local fish is exhibited and explained.
In 2008 breathtaking tropical ocean tanks with amazing fish in all forms and colors have been added to the exhibition.

Mediterranean stingrays One of the highlights of Sea life in Munich are definitely the sea horses. I have never before seen that many of these cute animals in all sizes and colors. Sea life does their own breeding of sea horses, in order to safe them from becoming extinct.

Another highlight especially for kids is the "petting tank", where you can actually touch the animals living there. It is fascinating to hold a hermit crab in your hand, or to fondle a red sea star.

We had a lot of fun in the exhibition, and we will visit again.

Colorful tropical fish in one of the water tanks at Sea life in Munich