Air Travel to Munich

From virtually anywhere in the world, air travel to Munich is easy.

The Franz-Josef-Strauss Airport in Munich is the second biggest one in Germany and there are direct flights with many airlines to all major European cities like London, Paris, Madrid, Rome, Warsaw, etc.

Munich Airport Munich airport also has direct flights to United States, Jamaica, Russia, Brazil, and many other countries.

If there's no direct flight from your city, you need to change planes either in Frankfurt (which is the biggest German airport and one of the biggest European hubs for air travel) or any of the above mentioned European cities, depending on the airline you're flying with.

Because of high competition between the many airlines, you can get really cheap air fares to Munich.
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Terminal 2 at the Munich Airport FJS Airport in Munich has been enlarged and renovated a few years ago.
On the picture above you see the big space between "old" terminal 1 and new terminal 2.

This area usually is empty, except during special events.
For the FIFA world championships 2006 in Germany, the airport installed a huge public viewing screen and transmitted all the soccer matches.
Every year during December, Munich airport hosts a Christmas market with an ice-skating rink in the middle of it.

Lufthansa Check-in Counter at Munich Airport If you air travel with a Star Alliance airline, you'll arrive at terminal 2, all other airlines land at terminal 1.

Terminal 2 obviously is much more modern and spacious. Inside is a dependence of the world-famous Hofbräuhaus. If you don't have time to visit the "real one", you can at least have an idea about the atmosphere. Even tough I think it's not comparable!

Logo As you can see, the Munich airport is home base to Lufthansa and the Star Alliance. What always impresses me when taking a plane from or to Munich, is the cleanliness and silence of the airport. You rarely see crowds and the queues at the security checks are extremely short.

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