Our Fun Pedal Boat Trip

You'd think that pedal boating is only for kids. But no, look how much fun we had!

Tobi and myself in the peddle boat
It was a nice and sunny Saturday early this summer, when we thought about the best way to spend our leisure time.

The obvious thing was to visit a beer garden and enjoy the sunshine while drinking a cold German beer. But we were in the mood of a little bit more excitement and activity.

Ok! We wanted adventure!

The choice wasn't easy; there are so many things you can do for leisure in Munich. It had to be something funny, active, yet relaxing....

Beer Garden Seehaus in English Garden Munich Finally we decided to take our bikes and cycle to Englischer Garten. There we would cruise around to look for excitement.

And how things happen in life, we ended up at the beer garden "Seehaus", which is a beautiful beer garden at the shore of Kleinhesseloher Lake.

But we were strong and didn't stop there (at least not yet). Just a few meters from Seehaus is the landing stage for pedal boats. Landing Stage for pedal boats

Now, that was more like it! We went for a pedal boat trip. And it was a lot more fun than I had thought.

You can rent the boats for half an hour or a full hour. Given the size of the lake, half an hour is more than enough.

We chose a blue peddle boat, and off we went, almost at light speed, pedaling as hard as we could. During our tour, we circled all three islands of Kleinhesseloher See. We almost crashed into another boat, because we were so occupied laughing and making fun of ourselves.

It really was a lot of fun!
Afterwards we rewarded ourselves with a beer at Seehaus beer garden. (Who would have thought it?) One of the three islands in the Kleinhesseloher Lake Tobi pedaling along