Odeonsplatz in Munich

Odeonsplatz is a huge square in the center of Munich, that you definitely shouldn't miss.

It's surrounded by quite a few attractions:

Marking the Southern border of Odeonsplatz is the Feldherrnhalle, that you can see on the picture above. Especially on sunny days many tourists and locals alike sit on the stairs to enjoy the sight and some adventurous persons even ride on the lions to the left and right of the stairs.

The Feldherrnhalle also marks the beginning of the Ludwigstrasse, the big street to the North that converts into Leopoldstrasse and is THE place to see and be seen.

But back to the Feldherrnhalle: it was built under King Ludwig I (not to be confused with Ludwig II, the fairy tale king) from 1841 to 1844 in honor of the Bavarian Army.

During the National Socialism it became an important place for the Nazis and a memorial was erected, where everyone had to give the Hitler Salute (Hitlergruss).

But astute as people from Munich are, they found a way to avoid this by entering the square through the small Viscardigasse without having to pass the memorial. Due to this the lane is called by locals Drückebergergasserl (slacker lane). Today you can see golden flagging as a memory to the silent protest.

To the West of the square you find the very impressive Theatinerkirche (Theatiner Church), also called St. Kajetan. With its bright yellow color, you can't miss it.

It's supposedly one of the most beautiful churches in Munich and was ordered to be built by Henriette Adelheid von Savoyen in 1662 as a thank-you to God for the birth of her son Elector (Kurfürst) Max Emmanuel. The completely white inside is even more impressive than the outside in my eyes.

Bavarian Ministry of the Interior Further North, but still on the West side of Odeonsplatz is the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior.

It resides in a majestic building built by the famous Munich architect Leo von Klenze in 1826 called "Odeon" (concert hall). As you can see, the parliamentarian only use German cars BMW and Audi (both Bavarian brands).

Satue of Kind Ludwig I The next building is the Palais Leuchtenberg, home of the Bavarian Finance Ministry.

In front of the building you see a statue of King Ludwig I on his horse.

Now lets head over to the East side of the Odeonsplatz with the Cafe Tambosi, that invites you to sit down and have a coffee, while watching the passers-by.

Heading back towards Feldherrenhalle you find Residenz and Hofgarten to your right. Both are definitely worth a visit.

Residenz Munich Residenz was the palace of the reigning Wittelsbacher family in Bavaria, and the attached Hofgarten (courtyard garden) is a wonderful place to relax and sit in the sun and chat. It's huge and has a direct connection to the English Garden.

If you're planning to visit more castles and palaces in Bavaria, you can buy a 14-day ticket at the Residenz entrance.

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