Augustiner Beer Restaurant

Augustiner beer is probably the best beer in Munich (at least according to my friends).

After a long day of walking our main attractions and shopping through the city streets, there is nothing better to relax you than a great beer and a hearty meal.

The Augustiner Restaurant Grossgaststätte not only has both of these things, but it is located right in the middle of the main shopping section on Neuhauserstrasse. What I love about it is that the interior is very traditional and so is most of the menu. It's a great place to kick back, relax, and enjoy life.

It is about a half a kilometer walk from Marienplatz, the city center. This means that you can start at the Neues Rathaus (city hall) with the famous Glcokenspiel (carillon) and work your way up Neuhauserstrasse, browsing and shopping as you work your way to Augustiner Munich. Or, you can begin your excursion at the Gaststätte and walk through the pedestrian zone after your beer and meal.

Beer Hall with History

One thing that is so wonderful about Munich is the history. Even the beer hall itself has a long history. The claim is that Augustiner beer has been brewed on this site since the 1300’s.

And, even though the front entrance of the hall gives the impression that it is fairly small the space is set rather far back. In other words, the restaurant is huge and it is always possible to find a spot on one of the benches no matter what time of day you go.

Apart from the beer hall at the entrance, you find two more rooms open to the public when walking through the restaurant:
Muschelsaal (mussel hall) where the walls are decorated with thousands of shells and where you can bump into Munich celebrities;
Arkadengarten (arcade garden) a hidden beer garden in the courtyard, a peaceful place where not many foreigners go, because most of them "get stuck" already in the beer hall.

Furthermore the restaurant offers three rooms for private funtions like weddings, birthday parties or business dinners: the Green Room, White Room and Vogelzimmer (bird room).

In the Middle of "Fußgängerzone"

You can take the S-Bahn or U-bahn to either Marienplatz or Karlsplatz (Stachus), and then walk to Augustiner. All S-Bahn lines go through both Marienplatz and Karlsplatz. For the U-Bahn, U3 and U6 go through Marienplatz and the U4 and U5 go through Karlsplatz. You can walk from there.

Famous Beer and Good Food

The highlight of any beer hall is the beer, right?
Augustiner is no exception, and they're supposed to have the best Munich beer :-)

My husband loves the Weissbier (wheat beer), but more popular are the Helles (mild, light brew) and the Dunkles (dark malt). I always drink a Radler, which is half Helles and half Sprite. The Maximator is a strong beer, that's only brewed in early spring.

On this page you can learn more about German beer.

If you are looking for a good meal, Augustiner also delivers. One of the best things to order is the traditional Schnitzel or Schweinebraten, that come in quite a large portion. In addition, there are other traditional Bavarian and German specialties on the menu and also salads, soups, and desserts.

Authentic Munich Atmosphere

So, what is it that I really enjoy about the Augustiner restaurant? For me, it’s more than just the beer and atmosphere. Part of the joy of attending places like this is seeing so many people enjoy themselves. Beer, food, and great company - this is a winning combination that makes it such a successful outing.

In order to get the full cultural experience in Munich you need to visit at least one beer hall. The Augustiner on Neuhauserstrasse not only has a fantastic location, but it is one of the best beer halls the city has to offer because the food, drink, and atmosphere are all top notch.

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