Strong Beer Festival at Löwenbräukeller

The Strong Beer Festival in Munich takes place every year during the period of fasting between Ash Wednesday and Easter.
Dark beer festival at Loewenbraeu

Besides the famous Oktoberfest, Starkbierfest is the second big beer festival in Munich and a great opportunity to have fun with your friends and wear the traditional Dirndl or Lederhose.

Historical origin of the strong beer or stout lies in catholic religion: the monks were not allowed to eat during the period of fasting, and therefore brewed dark beer which was much stronger in calories and alcohol to substitute the food.

Music at strong beer festival at Loewenbraeu Nowadays most people don't fast anymore, but the dark beer and the beer festival has survived the times. If you're planning a trip to Munich in spring, don't miss this "little Oktoberfest".

There are two different places you can go for the Starkbierfest: Nockherberg and Löwenbräukeller.

Nockherberg is much bigger and tends to get more out of control. Entrance fee is cheaper and there are more young people under 25.
Musicians at Dark beer festival at Loewenbraeu Löwenbräukeller is somewhat smaller and more "sterling", the entrance fee is more expensive and there tends to be a bigger percentage of older persons.

I personally like the Löwenbräukeller much better. Especially because the band Jetzendorfer Hinterhofmusikanten does not only play great music, but also offers a fantastic show.
Part of the show consists of playing several peculiar music instruments like a horsewhip or watering can.

Traditional Dirndl at the Starkbier Festival You have to buy the tickets in advance, because they will sell out quickly, especially on weekends. Reservations can be made either in person, by phone or via their website.

Many visitors wear the traditional clothing. If you don't have a Dirndl or Lederhose, you might want to buy one in the many specialized shops or second hand shops. A Dirndl looks beautiful on any woman and it's a nice souvenir to take back home.

One caveat though: if you wear the apron bow on the left side it means you're single, on the right side that you're married (or in a partnership).

One last warning before you dive into the Starkbierfest: Strong beer is really strong!
Don't drink more than maximum two; otherwise you might not even remember that evening. I'd recommend you have one and then start drinking either Radler or normal beer. To lay a good "foundation" for the beer, eat something first. The roasted ox is a specialty of Löwenbräukeller and to die for....

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