Long Distance Bus Station

Long Distance Bus Station Munich Travel by long distance bus is one of the cheapest means of transport in Europe - although not the most comfortable one. I personally avoid one night of non-sleep in a motor vehicle at all costs.

But the price is unbeatable: a ticket Paris - Munich can be as cheap as 30 Euros one way. If you're on a tight budget, the bus is your way to travel.

Euro-coaches connect all major European cities and due to our good highways they're fast and safe.

In contrast to the train station (Hauptbahnhof), the central bus station in Munich for all long distance travel isn't located in the center, but way North in Fröttmaning.

Since 2009 the central bus station (Zentraler Busbahnhof) has been moved to Hackerbrücke, which is only minutes away from Hauptbahnhof. Click on the link above for further details.

Long Distance Bus Station Munich This is due to high traffic volume in the city especially during rush hour. You never know how much time it takes from the outskirts of Munich to the city center by car. It could be everything between 10 minutes and one hour :-(

Having the start and end point of all major European bus routes outside of Munich makes it much easier to keep the schedule and arrive on time.

People waiting for their bus Fröttmaning is not only home to the Allianz arena, but it's also directly connected to two freeways, the Autobahn A9 (to Nürnberg) and A99 (to Salzburg). This ensures your bus is off to wherever you want to go the fastest way possible.

Don't worry to use a van from here, the bus station is quite modern, clean and safe. To get into the city you can take the underground U6 to Marienplatz. It travels every 10 minutes and takes less than 20 minutes to bring you there.

To buy your European bus ticket in advance, book online at touring.de or eurolines.com.