All About German Beer

German beer is famous for being the best brew in the world. I don't say this, just because I'm German, but once you have tasted it you'll think the same.

Beer is very popular in Germany, we have over 1,000 breweries, which is more than any other country in the world.

All beer made in Germany must follow the German purity law (Reinheitsgebot), which defines exactly what ingredients can be used. Basically, the only ingredients allowed are water, hops, and barley malt. Nothing else.

Due to the strict purity requirements, you can easily notice German beers by their superior level of quality. They have a distinct taste, with little to no aftertaste. In Munich we drink mostly Helles (lager) and Weissbier, also called Weizen (brewed from wheat instead of barley).

Dunkles and Helles from Andechs But other styles include Koelsch (from Cologne, never make the mistake to order this in Bavaria!), Altbier, Bock, Dunkles, and Pilsener. Keep in mind that the taste, aroma, and color can vary, although all can be identified as being true German beers.

Throughout Germany, there are many breweries, producing over 4,000 different brands of beer. Some of the more well known and larger companies of north Germany are Beck, St. Pauli, Warsteiner, and Krombach. But they're all from the Northern Germany.

Bavarian Beer Lion In the southern region of Germany, there are more breweries, although most of them are smaller, as they are locally owned and operated. Most important Munich brands are: Franziskaner, Augustiner, Paulaner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu and Spaten.

Maybe Bavarian beer is not available worldwide, because we drink it all ourselves and don't export it ;-) You'll have to come here to taste it.

The Monastery in Andechs is one of the oldest breweries in the world. This brewery started producing beer in 1040 - very impressive indeed! When visiting Munich, you should definitely take the time for a day trip to Andechs.

During our famous Oktoberfest, beer drinkers from all over the world will travel to Munich and celebrate German beer. Each and every year, over 5 million people attend the event, making the biggest beer celebrations in the world.

Local Munich breweries are the only ones allowed to serve beer in the tents. By attending this yearly event, you can learn a lot about German beer, sample the different varieties, and enjoy the rich bold flavors that make German beer so very popular, while havin lots of fun!

Due to the success Oktoberfest gets each and every year, other cities around the world try and mimic this event. Even though they have success, they never reach even remotely the original Oktoberfest in Munich.

If you drink beer but have never experienced what beers from Germany and especially Bavaria have to offer, you really should give them a try. Once you do, you’ll quickly realize why German beers are so very popular - and why the taste simply can't be duplicated with any other beer.

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