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Shoes to Wear with Your Dirndl

The question what shoes to wear with your dirndl was easily answered a few years back: you were supposed to wear authentic yet clunky Haferlschuhe.

Haferlschuhe - Authentic Trachten Shoes

dirndl Shoes

Wearing a Dirndl for Oktoberfest lets you blend in perfectly with the locals and makes you look spectacular.

A Dirndl dress lets every woman shine! Due to the tight fit that enhances the bustline and hides little "imperfections" on your hips you look like a model. But not like one of those bony ones that nobody actually wants to look at, like a real woman, a femme fatale.

Vintage Shoes for a Classy Look

While Haferlschuhe are perfect for men, why would you want to spoil your sexy outfit with those clunky Trachten shoes? The shoes to wear with your dirndl enhance your outfit even more and make you shine above anyone else.

What would you prefer, the clunky shoes on the picture above or the classy high-heeled vintage shoes below? (Click on the picture to buy at

dirndl Shoes

That's an easy choice, right?

I personally like the vintage style above the best and have a few different pairs of those pumps. The added advantage is that you can wear them year-around and not only with your Oktoberfest Dirndl.

Leather Laced Boots for more Adventure

Off course, there are many other types of shoes to wear with your dirndl. Leather boots and half-boots are a great way to set your personal style and can be very practical for colder and rainy days.

The ones that fit best your Trachten look are laced boots. They give you that mysterious and pirate-like aura.

Don't use Stiletto Heels

With classy pumps you can't go wrong and they come in all colors and shapes and heels.

Just one word of warning though, extra high stiletto heels might look stunning, but they're not the most practical ones to stand and dance on the wooden beer benches (it might even be dangerous for you, especially after a few beers).

Personally I opt for "lower" heels of max. 2,5 inches (6 cm) and a broad heel.

Ballerina Flats for a Playful Outfit

If you prefer no heels at all, ballerina flats can make stunning shoes to wear with your dirndl.

About the color: Naturally, black can be worn all the time, but with your Oktoberfest Dirndl you can be more daring and use bright colors that match your dress.

Have fun wearing your perfect feminine outfit!

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