Oktoberfest Munich Beer Tents
Part 2

Oktoberfest Munich has 14 big beer tents and several smaller ones. Read the review for tents 1-7 here.

8. Käfers Wiesn Schänke

Kaefer's Wiesnschenke Together with the Hippodrom the place where celebrities party. It's the second smallest tent with less than 3000 seats. Atmosphere is not as "wild", but more sterling. Many older people in the audience, who do not dance on the ale-benches, but rather enjoy a good conversation.

Beer served: Paulaner

9. Weinzelt - Nymphenburger Sektkellerei

Weinzelt at Oktoberfest Munich As the name implies (Wein = wine, Sekt = champagne) it's not a real beer tent, many guests drink wine or champagne. Music is more traditional and in general the tent is less crowded. In the audience are manys artists and families.
The only tent where you don't get a Mass beer (1 liter), but a Halbe (half a liter).

Beer served: Paulaner

10. Löwenbräu

Loewenbraeu at Oktoberfest Munich You can easily recognize the Löwenbräu tent by the huge lions on top of the tower and above the entrance.

Don't be scared, when the lion starts roaring!
Music is one of the most traditional ones and this tent is a favorite meeting place for the TSV 1860 soccer team. (Their nickname is "the lions").

Beer served: Löwenbräu

11. Pschorr - Bräurosl

Braeurosl Beer Tent Since more than 100 years you can find the Bräurosl at Theresienwiese - and still owned by the same family.
Entertainment is big here: apart from the own music group, they also have an authentic Bavarian "yodeler". A guarantee for traditional Bavarian songs.

Beer served: Hacker-Pschorr

12. Augustinerzelt

Augutiner Beer Tent at Oktoberfest Munich The tent with the most traditional and authentic Bavarian folks music, therefore many native Bavarians meet here. Augustiner is supposed to be the best beer in Munich. For me it doesn't make a difference, because I actually don't like beer and always drink Radler, which is half sprite and half beer :-)
The tent is very dark, which I don't like, but many people do.

Beer served: Augustiner

13. Ochsenbraterei

Ochsenbraterei at Oktoberfest Munich Main attraction of this tent is the complete ox being grilled (Ochse = ox, Braterei = grill). Inside you can actually see the big turning grill. No wonder, they offer plenty of delicious ox meat dishes, even though you can get the oligatory chicken as well. Great tent to party as much as you want.

Beer served: Spaten

14. Fischer-Vroni

Fischer Vroni at Oktoberfest Munich Traditional food at the Octoberfest is chicken, but here you eat fish! The famous Steckerlfisch is grilled in front of your eyes.
It's one of the smaller tents with great music, good food and great people. Every year one Monday the homosexual society comes here to celebrate the Oktoberfest. Don't be surprised!

Beer served: Augustiner

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